Hey Diddle Diddle is a nursery rhyme based music group for pre-school children based in

East London & West Essex. 

Our 45 minute classes are full of interactive nursery rhymes which are proven to encourage speech. There will be bubbles, musical instruments, parachute time and always a

guest appearance from Daisy Diddle the Cow!

So, if your children enjoy music then come and join us for fun, singing and dancing.

Everyone is welcome, just book your place via our online booking system. There is no registration fee and there is no commitment to book more than one class at a time, although you can get super organised and get booked in well in advance.

A class is 

£6.50 for 1 child

£11 for 2 siblings and

£16 for 3 siblings

Adults are free!

Sue Coyte launched Hey Diddle Diddle after spending 5 years singing and teaching nursery rhymes to her own children Ruby who’s now 16 and Joe who’s 14. She brings with her many years of musical and theatre experience both playing instruments, singing and acting. 

The classes have gone from strength to strength in the 13 years since Sue began Hey Diddle Diddle and now take place in 4 differnet venues across East London & West Essex.